Your Eyes

By Cal Evans

It was your eyes that I first noticed.
It’s like they are two galaxies,
swimming in their own infinity.
They are the windows into your soul,
and yet works of art themselves.
The angels weep because they know they can never measure up.

On the surface,
they are what God meant when he said “beautiful”.
Each stolen glance, takes my breath away.
When they twinkle my heart leaps,
and when they tear, it’s like a dagger through my soul.
But when they blink, time stops for that instant.

I Think the thing I love the most,
is when I look deep within them,
I see love.
Oh sure, it was small at first,
but it has been growing since the first moment I saw them.
Words fail me as I try to describe it.
If you could measure eternity,
you still couldn’t measure the love I see, in your eyes.

As I gaze deeper, I see wisdom.
Solomon, in a stunning crystal vase.
It’s depths I cannot plumb,
and it’s breadth I cannot span,
I’ll have to be content to be contained in it, as I can’t contain it.

Most important of all though,
I see you and I together.
I see the love that we have shared,
and the lifetimes we have yet to live together.
I see your happiness, without which I do not exist.
When I look into your eyes, I see my future.

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