If you like what you see, why not give the gift of poetry?

…and I can’t possibly tell you enough is the complete collection of my love poems. This hard back volume is only $35.00US. [Link takes you to lulu.com for ordering]

The Story

There was a time when I was not lucky enough to be working in the same room as the lovely and talented Kathy. One day, during those long days of separation, I decided that I would express my love for her with a poem a day for one month. The main body of this collection is comprised of the poems I wrote during that time. The are others that I wrote for special occasions or just because I was in the mood to write.

You are free to use these poems yourself in any non-commercial way you want…copy and paste them all, build your own book, print it out and give it to the one you love. However, if you want a printed copy of your own, and want to help contribute to the “Make Kathy’s Valentine’s Day Wonderful” fund, click the link above and purchase a copy.