Help for Romantics

I am a guy. That means that for the majority of my life, I did not think like a romantic. For most guys, being romantic is not something that comes naturally but take heart guys, we can learn! Here are a few resources I’ve found on the web that I’ve found to be useful for guys wanting to be romantic. Visit often, I add to this list on a regular basis.

Romantic Graphics:

There are a lot of free graphics sites on the web…most of them crap. However, here are two, that I am in no way affiliated with, that have some great graphics:


I was actually a bit skeptical about this one because the site looks like all the other free graphics sites, ugly. However, once you drill down into their graphics, they are very good. Here is their license:

This is a wildly popular site (according to and they have some wonderful graphics. These are stunning. Go visit the site and poke around, I’m sure you’ll find what you need for that card or letter you are preparing.

Romantic Ideas:
If you are a guy and you need help being romantic, Michael Webb is one of the gods of your world. I’ve been subscribing to his newsletter for 5-6 years now and still read it every week. His newsletter is a wellspring of ideas and idea starters. Subscribe to it now.