Jun 26

A good friend of mine recently asked me on-line:
“If you had 24 hours, unlimited money and whatever you did or said would have no consequences, what would you do.”

This was my answer.


Ok, assuming real world physics and that I am here in the Netherlands. If I had but 24 hours, this is what I would do.

I would arrange flights for Kathy and I to meet in NYC, Honeymoon suite at the Excelsior, overlooking Central Park. I would of course arrive first by a few hours.

I would check in, freshen up, check on the arrangements for the evening and then have the roses I had arranged to be delivered brought to the room. The first 6 dozen would be removed from their stems and I would spread the petals across the floor, on the bed and in the tub waiting the hot bath I will draw for her as she arrives.

I would not meet her at the airport as I would be busy with preparations, however, I would arrange to have a limo waiting for her when she arrived.

As the limo driver called me from the airport to notify me he had secured her and was en-route. At that point I would change into my tux and head downstairs to meet her in the lobby with one of the remaining 6 dozen roses. The other 5 would be in vases spread around our suite so that she is never out of sight of a dozen roses or more.

I would pre-arrange her check-in and tip the bellman to be waiting with me to take what luggage she may have. I would escort her upstairs to our room and help her disrobe and slip into the bath. Once she was settled, I would retrieve her luggage from the bellman and the bottle of Cristal that room service has just delivered.

Once she was relaxed and the effects of the days travel were drained away, I would towel Kathy off and take her to the closet where she would select from five different outfits for the evening including gown, shoes and jewelry. She wouldn’t have long to choose though because the hairdresser and makeup artist would be there within 30 minutes to prepare her for the rest of the evening.

At this point I would slip out of the way and head down to the bar for a cigar and a cocktail while she readied herself.

I would know when she entered the bar as a hush would fall on the room. Men would turn to look at her as I rose from my seat and offered her hers. Since we still have a few minutes before dinner, we would enjoy a cocktail and I would shower her with compliments on her beauty and how the makeup, jewels, dress and hair only served to hide her true beauty and that she didn’t need any of that.

When the limo driver signaled, I would rise, offer my arm and escort her to the waiting car where we would be whisked off to a restaurant that I would name but it’s so exclusive that telling you the name would mean that we would not be allowed to visit again. We would dine and it would be fabulous, were it not for symphony tickets, I would be content to sit in the restaurant the restaurant the rest of the night and gaze into her eyes, watching my future unfold within them.

As the time approached though, we would rush to the car, laughing at the fact that we lost track of time and the driver would scurry us off to Carnige Hall where we would listen to the NY Philharmonic play her favorite pieces at a private concert just for the two of us. I know they are playing her favorite pieces because the conductor and I had selected them and he had created a custom arrangement jsut for this night.

Once complete, we would exit the concert hall into the star filled night. A horse drawn carriage would await us to take us back to the hotel. We would, of course, take the long way back to the hotel, through the park and circling it at least twice make sure that she saw all the sights and so the park itself could be envious of her beauty.

Finally, as the evening is drawing to a close, we would fall into each other’s arms on the bed covered in rose petals and make love until the sun came up, not wanting to waste a precious moment to sleep as we will be apart again all too soon.

As the sun rises in New York, I would escort her to the limo once again, this time, with a heavy heart because I know our time together is drawing to a close. We would make our way back to the airport where I would walk with her through security and to to her gate to watch her leave. Slowly, as her jet mounted the sky, taking with it my heart, my soul and my reason for living, I would make my way to my gate and flight back to The Netherlands, , a small tear in my eye but a content smile on my face.